Academic Misconduct Lawyer

AR Johnson Law: When You Need an Academic Misconduct Lawyer

Colleges and institutions of higher education have many mandates regarding its ethics, and following those rules and guidelines is something most schools take very seriously. At AR Johnson Law, there is the understanding that mistakes, poor judgement or lapses in decision making happen, especially while being in school. AR Johnson Law believes in second chances, and wants you to be able to continue your educational pursuits. If you need an honor code violation lawyer or even an academic misconduct lawyer, then you need AR Johnson Law.

Sometimes, through no fault on your own, you may be wrongfully accused. With AR Johnson Law on your side, you can count on an attorney who will fight for fairness. For an honor code violation, academic hearing, a Character and Fitness Review before the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners, or any legal educational issues, contact AR Johnson Law to help you set the record straight.

While you are in school, it is a time of learning and growing. AR Johnson Law applauds your desire of furthering your education and wants to help you continue on that path, because the mind is a terrible thing to waste.