Mediation Lawyer

  A Mediation Lawyer Should be Step One

Before you go searching online for, "a contract lawyer near me," and before you start talking about lawsuits and claims, you may want to try a mediation lawyer first. Why? Well, for starters, nobody wants to spend their time in court, for any reason, unless that is your job. It also is an option that can save time, money, and headaches, and these are only a few of the reasons to seek out mediation first.

It isn't always going to be an option, but whenever two parties are willing to talk, there is also an opportunity for mediation. That is when a mediation lawyer should be sought, and those are just a few reasons why. If you are in a dispute but there is an open line of communication, consider mediation.

AR Johnson Law affords clients the services of a mediation lawyer with the hopes of finding an agreement that works for everyone. Everyone can have their day in court but most would just rather avoid it altogether. It is a way to find the most mutually beneficial and best outcome for everyone involved.

Amanda Rieman Johnson, Esq. will act as a third-party mediator to help achieve those types of results. This can help parties avoid the hassle, cost, and time of going to court. Conversation before you enter the courtroom is a good option, and Amanda Rieman Johnson, Esq. understands this as she was once a Virginia Supreme Court certified mediator for General District Court. 

Don't go to court if you don't have to and find a better option with a legal third-party mediator.

Contact AR Johnson Law today to discuss your situation and to find out if a third-party mediator would be helpful for you. AR Johnson Law is skilled in the art of negotiation and often just having an unbiased third-party can help a discussion. It is a fair and civil way to reach an agreement. Find answers with the help of a mediator from AJ Johnson Law today!